East to West Coast Travel: The Babe in Seattle

Hello There! Last week was so great. Daddy W has been traveling a lot for work and it was looking like he was gonna be gone for most of the week… Again. So when he said that there was a dinner meeting scheduled in Seattle, a place we’ve never been, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for an impromptu family trip and a little extra time with Daddy!


As if traveling with a little one isn’t stressful enough on its own, try booking everything 2 days in advance– CRAY! Luckily we had a few things working in our favor. 1) Daddy W has traveled so much that we had enough miles and were able to get a free flight for the Babe and I– no $1200 plane ticket for us baby! 2) We recently upgraded our credit card to the United Mileage Plus Club Card, and while the annual fee is a bit higher than we were paying before, the perks really make it worth it– namely access to the Luxury Hotel collection website which helps us find awesome luxury hotels for the best available rates and with awesome extras like room upgrades, free breakfast, restaurant and spa credits, and even more. 3) Lastly, I’m a Baby Mama on the Move… this was a gonna be a piece of cake.

After booking everything and running around like a crazy person to buy a better umbrella stroller travel bag (broke down and paid the $50 for an Uppababy G-Series Travel Bag— AMAZING investment!!! Further travel gear reviews to come), a car seat travel bag (because we are never leaving home without a car seat again), and a few other knickknacks, we were ready to get on our way.



I have to say that although The Babe was a bit under the weather, this was the most smooth and pleasant travel experience we’ve EVER had. We booked a 1pm flight which put us in Seattle around 3:45pm– which was great timing because the Babe had his regular nap on the plane and was rested enough to make it to dinner long enough to get him on West Coast time. **Side-note: Had an amazing time catching up with my long Lost Uncle A and Aunty D– Which helped to put him on west coast time with no problem! I Missed you guys**

The Babe Meets Uncle Al!

The Babe Meets Uncle Al!

We checked the Babe’s car seat along with 1 small suitcase and for me and the Babe, and another small one for Daddy W, at check-in. We used our Uppababy G-Luxe Umbrella Stroller in the terminals and checked it at the gate.

IMG_1317 IMG_1311


I was sure to call the Fairmont ahead of time to request a crib for our room and were happy to see that it was already set up with fresh linens, towels, and bath supplies for The Babe upon our arrival– extra point Fairmont! Because of our status with the Luxury Hotel Collection (that mentioned earlier), I was able to get a great deal on a larger room that had a sitting area and corridor where The Babe could have his own space. This, along with the nature sounds app on Daddy W’s iPad, really helped us keep our normal sleep routine in tact. And after only a few extra minutes of fussing, The Babe was down, and we could enjoy our free bottle of Champagne–point US!

IMG_0416 IMG_0415 IMG_1318

Getting Around

We only had one full day to sight-see so I wanted to make sure we got to everything. We brought along our handy, light-weight, Uppababy G-Luxe Umbrella stroller and the new Jeep Rain cover that I bought before the trip– I was more than ready for the constant threat of Seattle rain! We, of course, never leave home without our Bjorn which definitely came in handy with at the Space Needle, where they do not allow strollers. Easy peasy! No really issues getting around at all– the slow tourist season definitely helped too!

IMG_1329 IMG_1332 IMG_1321 IMG_1326


We had such a lovely time! I’m sure I’m leaving important mommy info so message me if you want more info. In the mean time here are some travel pics for your enjoyment!!


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